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Yes friends, I stumbled upon a small stash of Thread Heaven. If you are a hand-stitcher, you might know and love Thread Heaven. And if you're like me, you were devastated when the owners retired and closed the business.

If you're unfamiliar, Thread Heaven is a silicone product that conditions thread. You simply draw your sewing thread across the product, lightly coating it with the conditioner.

Thread Heaven helps the thread stay less tangled so you have fewer knots. It also prevents thread from getting ragged which can cause premature breaking. It's a godsend for metallic threads - I don't even consider embroidering with metallics if they aren't tamed with TH first!

The little blue box of TH is tiny, but it literally lasts for ages. I've been working through 2 boxes for the better part of a decade and neither are close to empty.

I've seen TH retailing for upwards of $40 now that the company is closed. That's ridiculous. I'm offering it for the same price as a competitive product. Get some while it lasts! 

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